Welcome Young Superheroes!

I'm excited to having you as my apprentice along side an elite breed of kids around the country.

Every month I will mail you a personalized letter from yours truly, Landark.

Each letter will contain a lesson activity and mission to complete which encompasses the 5Ds of the Superhero Kids Academy.

1) Health and Nutrition

2) Mindset

3) Self-Value & Money

4) Soul, Values and Principles

5) Kindness and Compassion

You'll also receive access to our online membership portal where these activities and lessons will be accompanied by a video. and our gamified power point system for tracking results and earning future awards.

It is with great pleasure that Healthy Kids of America will also provide your family with new whole food meal plans and recipes quarterly that are inline with each season. This will enable your family to keep eating healthy, implement easy to make meals and shop "in season" for the best deals and taste.

Finally, we are including the entire 5D Academy certification programs to be completed at your own pace so that you can achieve 5-Star Superhero status in our community. Once you earn all five certificates in the 5Ds, you will receive an honorary award

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